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Master John Robinson began training in the Martial Arts in 1983 at age 10. During the past 32 years he has studied and competed in several styles including: Isshinryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, American Kickboxing, Enshin Karate, and Ryukyu Kempo.

Over the years Mr. Robinson has trained with, studied under, and taught for many martial arts legends, including Grandmaster Jim Harrison, Grandmaster Mickey Wittekiend, Kaicho Alan Amor, and Grandmaster George Dillman.

Mr. Robinson currently holds a fifth degree master black belt rank in Ryukyu Kempo and a second degree black belt rank in Tae Kwon Do.

Ryukyu Kempo literally means "old Okinawan fist method", focusing on striking techniques and joint manipulations derived from kata. Ryukyu Kempo consists of two areas that are not included in modern Karate and most other modern Martial Arts:

About Us

Pacific Martial Arts Academy follows a structured curriculum of applying techniques into practical self defense application.  As with the study of any Art, the benefits are personal and will last a lifetime.

Kyusho-Jitsu is the pressure point striking of Ryukyu Kempo. Strikes to the proper points - in the correct order, angle, and direction - can disorient and disable an attacker. The map of these pressure point combinations are hidden within Kata.

Tuite, or "grab hand" refers to the grappling and joint manipulations contained in Ryukyu Kempo. Tuite works in conjunction with Kyusho-Jitsu in that the pressure points are the keys to releasing the joints attacked by Tuite.