Pacific Martial Arts Academy
What is the cost for lessons?
The sessions run monthly and are $85 for youth and adult classes (ages 16 and up) + tax.  There are no sign-up fees or annual contracts.   Tuition is due the 1st of each month.  Our program is ongoing year round.

Are there any other fees?
Uniforms and testing fees are extra.  Uniforms are available for $25 + tax.  Testing fees are $25 + tax.  School patches are $5 + tax.

What do I expect my first session?
For Youth classes, the first session is dedicated to basic kicking, punching, blocking, and stances to develop balance and coordination.  This is the foundation for the next levels. You will also learn basic self-defense techniques that will eventually be further developed as your training continues.

For Adult clases, the first session mirrors the youth classes and takes your training to the next level by exploring the practical applications of technique in various situations.

How is a class structured?
Classes consist of a mixture of warm ups, basic drills (Kihon), forms (Kata), and self-defense exercises (Goshin). There may be a special emphasis on any one of these elements at any given class or any combination of them.  

How do I tie my belt?
Click here for instructions.

I would like to try adult class. Do I have to be in shape to start?
NO. Through training, you will increase your strength, stamina and flexibility.   

Do you teach weapons?
As students progress into the advanced ranks we teach traditional bo, nunchaku, and sai as well as defenses against modern day weapons such as knives, sticks, and guns.

Why train at Pacific Martial Arts Academy?
Pacific Martial Arts Academy offers a unique blend of traditional karate training coupled with proven physical and learning development techniques. We believe that while instructors must be martial arts experts, they should also have spent years acquiring the knowledge and experience needed to teach and motivate students to be their best.

What is your training philosophy?
Karate-Do is a way of life, a way of self-discipline, self-awareness, confidence and assertiveness. It encourages the finer aspects of character development in both our youth and our adult students. We take pride in guiding our students on a path that not only increases their potential in body and mind, but also creates good and principled citizens in society.   

Frequently Asked Questions