Pacific Martial Arts Academy

Kata are prearranged patterns of movement that express the basic elements of karate. Each movement holds subtle meanings not readily discernible to the untrained eye. Many martial artists have heard of the hidden art within the kata, but only in Ryukyu Kempo is this art taught.

The kata taught at Pacific Martial Arts Academy are the ABC's of karate training. After the ABC's are mastered the next goal is to learn how to put the letters in random order to create words. After words are learned then you can make sentences. After sentences, paragraphs then stories.

Pacific Martial Arts Academy teaches the following Kata:
Pinan Nidan
Pinan Shodan
Pinan Sandan
Pinan Yodan
Pinan Godan
Naihanchi Shodan
Naihanchi Nidan
Naihanchi Sandan